Top 5 Natural Healing Stones

Top 5 Natural Healing Stones - FIHEROE.

5 Natural Healing Stones You Must Try


If you are new to the healing power of gems and crystals you are welcome to learn. This is an exciting topic of revelations about simple accessible things often ignored. Healing stones are not limited to beautiful collections for display. They have a long sacred history that stretches back to the early civilizations. Most amazing is you can pick them if you visit the seashore and river beds. You may find them at different prices around in whatever town near you. They were famous thanks to their powerful energetic healing properties. Ancient cultures collected them for decorations in jewelry for ceremonies and armory. Also, they were used for meditation sessions to help clear the mind for faster healing.

These crystal and gemstones are still useful today as alternatives to mainstream medicine. They are common solutions to both healing and therapy. The stones have a reputation for bringing the desired robust health and a life of happiness. Each has specific healing properties suited for bringing abundant happiness. Some are used for gaining prosperity; others love, harmony or protection, and security. Most importantly, collecting these stones reduces global waste and is environmentally friendly.

For a start, I have five stones I would recommend for you:


4You have probably seen the hematite crystal with its blood-like shade when in water. This is how it derived its name from ancient Greece.  It is shiny thanks to the abundance of Iron. Its silvery sheen is responsible for its silver color ray. If you feel drawn to this stone, you are likely in need of balance and clarity in your life. It is believed that the touch of the Hematite makes you realize a sense of calmness. It absorbs the toxic emotions that hinder you from realizing happiness and vitality. The grounding effect of the stone provides stability in your life. This property is based on clearing the energy center anchoring us to the earth. As a result, it takes away our negative feelings such as stress, anxiety, fear, and worry.



Amber remains one of the most coveted stones. You will love it at first sight. Dubbed the gold of the seas, it is uniquely formed by light and life. Being an organic gem; it is neither a crystal nor mineral but a product of fossils. Its role for life force gives it a high price among other stones. It is special for recalling past life and connecting with ancestral experiences. You may use it to clear undesired family patterns and begin your prerogative of choice.


Turquoise has an unmistakably dazzling blue-green shade symbolizing the vast6 ocean cover. Mined in areas with Iron oxide deposits, it has a striking spider-like web pattern effect. Its meaning is associated with personal security. It was hence used by ancient warriors as a bodyguard from a wide range of threats. For thousands of years, the stone served as a spiritual balm for emotional wounds Use Turquoise as your help when experiencing spiritual drought. Its energetic vibrations are associated with crucial life-giving properties of water. It is available across the globe hence easily accessible. You may wear it around your neck, hanging close to your heart. You will experience its positive, life-restoring qualities. It will remind you of a happier place and soothe you with spiritual healing.


8The Tourmaline comes in black to represent the ray absorbing shade. Its beauty is in the fact that it draws in all other colors of the spectrum. It is effective for clearing anxiety. Keep the Tourmaline if you are the kind to meet clouds of fear. Also, if you are amidst storms of restlessness, this will calm you down.

Lava rock

2Lava rock is a mineral created from volcanoes. It contains intense volcanic power.  Created during a chaotic process involving destruction, it thrived under very harsh conditions. Its color ranges from black to gray and is believed to give you wisdom. Lava rock has long existed under the earth’s crust. It has therefore undergone countless transformations over millions of years. These experiences are responsible for its wisdom.
It ignites the power in you to pursue your bliss with courage. Meditate with this stone and achieve the rejuvenation of higher consciousness. The stone rekindles the flames of passion by its power of fire in your spirit. If you are drawn to it; it actually is the one that chose you and not the other way around as you may purport. Lava rock not only has healing benefits but can be used with essential oils for aromatherapy.


The Amethyst crystal is a reliable stress reliever. It has a strong sense of business and wealth. Keep it in your office or business. It will help you calm your thoughts and focus on nurturing your business.

So there you have it. Natural healing stones are best incorporated through jewelry. You'll find a magnitude of empath protection jewelry in shops all over the world.  Stunning pieces that enhance both beauty and vitality.  Good healing stone jewelry is handmade and environmentally friendly. You'll commonly hear the term living earth jewelry associated with natural stones. So go ahead add some healing stones to your wardrobe today.

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