Why Resin Figures Are Better Than PVC: A Comparison Resin material is the new trend in anime collectible manufacturing. With resin, you can create figures with extreme detail. The clarity and depth of resin are just unsurpassed.


PVC (vinyl) is also great! It’s readily available so the cost is low, but it doesn’t come close to the brilliance of resin. For the anime fanatic, more is better. You want your favorite anime to look alive, resin will bring you closer.

Advantages of Resin over PVC

Resin figures can stand up to wear and tear very well When you buy resin, you will get a figure of an anime series that has never been made before. Or at least not mass-produced. By creating an original figure from scratch, you are adding more excitement and anticipation for the purchaser.


For example, you may be purchasing a figure that has not been made for the lead character in the anime. You are getting a figure based on the story and content of the anime. Resin figures will last for longer than PVC.

Resin is one of the most flexible, durable, and environmentally friendly materials available. It is also UV sensitive, which means it does not yellow or show discoloration from sunlight or human exposure.

PVC will deteriorate over time from the UV rays. If you were to put your PVC figure in the sun, it will quickly turn yellow.  


Disadvantages of Resin over PVC

1. Wax is used in resin casting. In case your model gets caught in a fire, the resin figures can melt. One tip though, make sure your wax is not too hot or put it in a microwave.

2. It is exceedingly difficult to alter the angle of the figure. By the time you do the modification, you may find out that the resin has already hardened. So many people who want to create a new design end up using recycled parts of existing resin dolls.

3. It is nearly impossible to replicate a person’s body hair.

4. Like PVC figures, resin dolls can lose hair or clothing.

Advantages of PVC over resin

1. The plastic part of PVC will not melt and smoke. It will also keep you from melting your fingers by touching them.

2. The hardware used in resin casting is limited, and you cannot get the most details in PVC.


If you are a huge fan of manga, anime, comic books, toys, and others, you have found your weakness. Go and buy the best resin figures available in your region. I would give you my own personal advice to help you decide what is best for you. Go for the resin figures.  

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