The Healing Power of Rudraksha

Rudraksha Seed is well known for its healing compounds. The sturdy seeds have been made into jewelry for centuries. Stylish, yet functional, rudraksha seed bracelets are worn to enhance vitality and quality of life...
The Healing Power of Rudraksha - FIHEROE.

The Healing Power of Rudraksha 

Keeping up with new trends and staying Eco-friendly is possible with the right accessories. Eco-friendly jewelry is safe for the environment and it looks good while doing it. Rudraksha seeds are amazing and carry tons of healing properties. 


For starters, this bracelet has a quality design. The fish and lotus sign signify spirituality and enlightenment. Not to mention, the fish pendant is made from genuine sterling silver of the best quality. The comfortable bracelet is easy to put on and more durable than you would think. Plus, this fish and lotus bracelet is water-resistant. The rudraksha seeds beautify over time, so that means the longer you have the bracelet the better it will look.

You can order the bracelet in two different sizes: six inches and 7 inches. Additionally, this bracelet pairs really well with a fan favorite called the Tibetan Luck Rope Bracelet.

Healing Benefits

This piece of Eco-friendly jewelry can actually make you healthier too. In fact, the more you wear it the healthier you become. This is because the bracelet is made from rudraksha seeds. They are seeds from a Himalayan fruit. Also, rudraksha seeds are used to maintain healthy blood circulation. Some believe that the seeds can even hold spiritual healing. Nonetheless, they are organic so therefore good for the environment.

For the healthier you, you need Eco-friendly jewelry. This bracelet can be the start of something great for you. The rudraksha seeds are known to bring about happiness and well-being. By wearing Eco-friendly jewelry you can feel more energized and maintain healthy blood circulation.

Environmental Benefits

The Eco-friendly material is safely and peacefully gathered. Nobody is enslaved or exploited to obtain rudraksha seeds. These seeds are from fruit so the earth stays preserved because nobody has to mine anything. It goes without saying, your pockets will also be thanking you; Eco-friendly jewelry costs only a fraction compared to traditional jewelry. Furthermore, Eco-friendly jewelry creates a good opportunity to add more exotic pieces of jewelry to your collection. These bracelets are usually handmade and can most often be recycled. Once you grow tired of the bracelet you can recycle it and perform your duty to help the environment. This will also help reduce the wastage of raw materials.

By purchasing a Healing Totem Fish & Lotus .925 Silver Rudraksha Bracelet, you are making a decision that will help the environment. Endorse humanity by getting Eco-friendly jewelry. These inexpensive bracelets can change your life without harming the environment. Rudraksha seeds are the new standard of Eco-friendly jewelry, so don’t miss out. The healing properties of this bracelet are extraordinary. You will experience a healthy blood circulation and in return feel more energized. The bracelet made with rudraksha seeds is known to make people feel enlightened and spiritually inclined. This bracelet is currently on sale, so don’t miss out and buy a piece of Eco-friendly jewelry today!


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