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What's Your Brand?

Totem vs. Brand

A totem, similar to a brand is a symbol of recognition. Recognition of the past, present and future. Though both are alike a totem reflects something deeper. Not just recognition and remembrance. But reminds you of the spiritual side of things. The question is, who are you? What message do you send?
What's your Totem?


Top Selling in Animal Totem

Welcome, everyone!  FIHEROE is an e-commerce hub for all things creative, healthy & eco-friendly. Animial inspired art and entertainment products is just one aspect of our business.  Healthy, Eco, sustainable, fashionable products for all humanity is another. Creativity is a healing technique. As human beings, we pull our inventiveness from nature around us. Our gift of imagination springs to life a whole new world of art, entertainment and innovative devices. We would like to share some of our favorites. Thank you very much for landing here. 

Animal Totem Elephant Bling Car Freshener

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Animal Totem Lion Mens Lava Stone Bracelet

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Animal Totem Natural White Turquoise Bracelet

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Animal Totem Mouse Ears Diamond Car Air Freshener

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Animal Totem Butterfly Bling Car Air Freshener

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Animal Totem Elephant Pink Bling Car Freshener

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Healing Totem King Bead Natural Stone Bracelet

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Animal Totem Kids Cat Ears Wired Headphones

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Our Most Popular Wall Decor

Ben Heine Digital Circlism

Ben Heine Digital Circlism Wall Decor

  • Pixel Dot Detailing
  • Stunning oranges, reds, and blues
  • Enhances Feng Shui
  • Represents freedom of creativity
  • Spices up any space
  • 100% risk-free money back guarantee
  • Created by Ben Heine world renowned

Why you must get it:

  • Imagine it on your wall
  • Colors pop in exquisite detail
  • Stunning representation of a lion
  • Helps boost creativity
  • Uplifts mood and calms the spirit.

Our Anime Collection

Voted Best Anime FIG of 2019

Here are the top three anime manga shows voted in as having the best action figures in 2019. Top toy companies like Funko, Bandai, S.H. Figuarts, MediCos, and Banpresto. Check out the top rated here.



JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 

One of the longest running anime manga series out there. Right after Dragon Ball. This show is a hit and still loved by fans all over the world. You'll love the heroes and the villains. JBA's got thousands of memes, millions of showtime hours and an insane following. Get to know this show. Then re-enact with all your favorite scenes with action figures!

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My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is definitely on the list of best anime shows to watch in 2019. With massive popularity amongst high schoolers, My Hero Academia is known for its promotion of teamwork and comradery. Yes, there's a lot of fighting but there's also a lot of making up. Izuku Midoriya, the semi-focus of the show overcomes adversity by hard work and dedication. You'll enjoy it. 

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The popular weekly jump series Naruto's theme of the bonds of friendship takes form with the Kizuna series of connectible figurines! They're high-impact distillations of the Naruto world, finished with gorgeous effects. Naruto has been a long standing favorite in the anime manga world. It's epic drama and dynamic characters draw in millions of fans. Get Naruto merch here.

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Anime Plushies & Squishies


JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Iggy Kawaii Plushie Dog

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Adorable Kawaii Slow Rising Unicorn Anime Squishy

Adorable Kawaii Slow Rising Unicorn Anime Squishy

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Adorable Kawaii Alpaca Slow Rising Anime Squishy

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Adorable Kawaii Slow Rising Owl Anime Squishy

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Viral Anime Blog Posts

Why does Light Yagami give up life to wield death? Who's the best character in the AOT Universe? Who is Alita & Why is Trunks's hair blue, period? Read more to find out.

Healing & Conservation Blog Posts

A pleathera of excellent reading. Healing and conservatin go hand in hand because they both preserve the natural world. Yes, which also includes us.

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