Genshin Impact Characters - Top 10 Best in 1.6

genshin impact characters tier list 1.6

Genshin Impact Characters - Top 10 Best in 1.6

Today I’m going to list the 10 best heroes in Genshin Impact. I want to share my opinion on the best heroes in this game that I invest a lot of time into. All heroes can shine given the right circumstances or with certain teammates.
Taking a step back, we will only have 5 star with no constellations and limited constellations on 4. The flaw in this is that there are too many variables to take into consideration when it comes to the real world. I want to keep it realistic here. Some day one player may never reach max or C5 if they're not dropping hundreds or thousands of dollars.


Up at number 10, we have Keqing. She is an Electro-sword wielding main DPS and some would say that she doesn't even deserve a spot on this list. I disagree because my experience is different from yours. I've played with her and other Genshin Impact characters except for Albedo and Jean.
Yes, it's true that physical DPS units can outperform Keqing in damage output but she's more fun to play with. Her attacks are fast and strong, unstoppable if you have Qiqi in your team.
Her Burst isn't too great though - especially not if built physically... But the crit rate boost from Burst increases its effectiveness significantly!
Her elemental skill teleports her to higher vantage points than jumping. Keqing of course isn't perfect, but she's still one of my favorite Genshin Impact characters so I had to put her here.

Up there at number 9 we have Mona. A Hydro and Catalyst wielding Sub DPS. Mona is an exploration hero because her sprint allows you to glide over water. It's faster than everyone else’s and uses less stamina. As a bonus, this will also apply wet status on enemies which makes for an easy elemental reaction. This is due in part to your Held Basic attack that can do AoE damage. Or Consistent Single Target with regular basics at the cost of some stamina or health.
Mona's abilities are quite powerful. Her skill set can inflict some considerable amounts of pain if used right! They have long durations, so one can use other elemental attacks. This girl also taunts enemies not only once but twice during combat, so chaos ensues in your vicinity! Finally, while we're talking about bursts... hers happens to do extra enormous amounts of destruction on any enemy caught up in its range. It also means they become vulnerable to another 3 seconds after they're buffed. When she uses her Burst, Omen is quite the amp.

At number 8 is Klee, a Pyro and catalyst wielding main DPS character. Although people may be disappointed with Klee's ranking here, 8 means that she isn't bad at all! Her playstyle to me feels clunky, and many would agree it's difficult to master. You need frame perfect animation cancels for her basic attack to work well. Despite her various deficiencies, she has powerful charged attacks.
Unlike any other catalyst user, she's good at destroying geo shields and ore. Her Elemental Skill is no slouch either. Jumpty Dumpties also explode after bouncing twice if you're feeling spicy! You can bring Jean along to suck all the little bombs together too; I'm quite sad this doesn't work with Venti though. Klee’s Burst seems underwhelming to me. It locks her into being a main DPS or else having none since it disappears when she leaves the field. It's, like, okay. It deals some decent passive damage, but using it gives no satisfaction whatsoever.

At number 7 we have Eula-- A Cryo who uses Greatswords as their weapon of choice for Main DPS purposes only.
Eula is one of our newest heroes to arrive, and her capabilities are something else. In a Cryo hero, she has skills that work physically, and she also moves at high speeds with basic attacks. Her Elemental skill results in an attack that can interrupt the Burst of your opponents. It does nothing until the enemy is frozen and does minor Cryo damage.
You have 7 seconds to attack enemies before her Lightfall Sword explodes. The downside is that she doesn't do much damage outside of hard content or boss fights. Most regular enemies die from her strong basics before the explosion can happen.


Sixth on the list is Xingqui, a hydro sword-wielding Support. This unit has been in my plans to raise forever! I've played with him over the past month and he's easy to use, even at level 40. His main utility comes from how easy elemental reactions are for him. You can set up some devastating combos very easily with this guy!
Both his skill and burst uses water swords that will inflict the wet status on enemies when you get close to them. This means he is a godsend for melee pyros like Diluc and Hu Tao as well as Cryo users who are looking for an easy freeze. Besides this, he can also act as a healer and provide damage mitigation to whomever is on the field at time of use. He does not have much effectiveness in 4 player CO-OP mode though.

In our ranking of Top 10 heroes, we have Venti who is an Anemo and a Bow-wielding DPS. Venti has impressive elemental skills that can be used for exploration as well. With the right artifact set, he can also damage amp! He has the burst skill, which pulls enemies near and deals continuous damage. It's an opportunity for other team members to take advantage in these circumstances.


Up at number 4 we have Ganyu, a Cryo Main DPS. Ya know, Ganyu was just a sub DPS that many people claimed. I didn't understand them at all.
Ganyu's claim to fame is her aimed shots and given the right stats they are devastating. Her set of abilities comes down a lot to what artifact sets she can use. Blizzard Strayer, alongside Cryo Resonance, means you need little crit rate on her. So, you can focus on increasing critical damage. Aimed shots charge up and the second one is a large AoE.
Pair her with another Cryo, a hydro for freezing, and you’re set. Her skills are cool too! Cryo is like Mona’s but more powerful because of the size and duration of her Burst skill. Pairing it with Hydro creates an opportunity to endlessly freeze enemies in place through Melts. Or you can keep using her artifact set which gives elemental stat boosts each time its active.

Hu Tao is one of the most fun Genshin Impact characters in the game. She has strong fast attacks that are best to use when you're out of health. She also has a quick-firing Burst attack that deals one shot damage. What more could we say? All I can do is list unbiased facts here. But I would rank Hu Tao as my favorite main DPS character currently!
Her main downside is that she can't spam charged attacks without running out of stamina. Yet, she can't be used with Bennett since he heals her too fast. No one wants a healthy Hu Tao. Now as for the last two, the top two- they were so hard to place.

Zhongli, a Geo-based hero with Spear Wielding Support as his top ability is number two on my list. I haven’t used him myself as a main DPS, but I know people who do, and they can manage with success. For me though, he has too much utility to not take advantage of it. So that’s why I rank him higher than most heroes on this list of skill sets. Before his buffs he was at the bottom of the barrel. Some would argue that now he is still second best even afterwards. Regardless, Zhongli's shield or wielded Elemental Skill are OP (awesome).

His Burst attack deals severe damage in a large area and petrifies the enemies. That's like freeze, but more guaranteed somehow. Anyway, let us move on to number 1 here. He is not only a 4 star!
At number one, Bennett is a Pyro and sword-wielding powerhouse. I say that he's a powerhouse because as his lore suggests, he's able to do anything on his own. His healing abilities are good, and he's got insane damage amp skills. Plus, he can create orbs that don't have a cooldown time which makes them great for attacking. One of the things that Bennett really shines at is bursting. Here is where the most utility lies within this hero. Superfast heals up to 70% max HP when you're doing burst damage which can deal lots of damage during bursts.
In addition to his other pyro moves, he will also apply the 'pyro' status to whoever is in the field. So, in the end, this is what keeps you safe from other elements that sap away your burst or stamina.
That’s it. Zhongli and Bennett are both deserving of rank one spots. They're both quite good. But Bennett has a bonus because he's easier to get constellations with, since he's a 4 star. Just don't be like me and get him to C6!
I understand that top 10's like this can be polarizing and unpleasant when your favorite wasn't mentioned. I want to reiterate that all heroes have their strengths, not just the ones who made the list. Make sure to tell me what you think in the comments below!
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Top 10 Best Heroes in Genshin Impact



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