Resin Figures vs. PVC: A Comparison

Resin Figures vs. PVC: A Comparison - FIHEROE.

Resin Figures vs PVC: A Comparison:

For anime enthusiasts worldwide, figure collecting is a popular and exciting hobby. With so many materials, selecting the right one is crucial. Resin and PVC are the two most commonly used materials, each with unique qualities.


Resin material is the superior option among garage kit figures. Independent artists prefer resin figures due to their intricate details and unique designs. Resin figures offer precise painting and unmatched customization thanks to their exceptional craftsmanship and limited availability. Besides, resin figures are bigger than PVC figures, allowing for more detailed sculpting and unmatched creativity.

Resin figures are made and painted by hand, creating a unique piece every time. While resin figures may be more expensive than PVC figures, their quality and craftsmanship make them a must-have for avid anime figure collectors.

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On the other hand, PVC figures are mass-produced for licensed toy manufacturers, resulting in a more extensive range of characters and designs. PVC figures are highly durable and easy to maintain, making them perfect for display and play. Additionally, they are lighter than resin figures, making them easier to handle and transport.

Choosing between resin and PVC figures depends on personal preference and priorities. If you desire a unique piece with exceptional detail, resin figures are undoubtedly the way to go. However, if affordability and accessibility are your main concerns, PVC is the better option. Regardless of your decision, both materials will undoubtedly bring your favorite anime characters to life on your shelf.

In summary, anime figure collecting is a thrilling hobby with plenty of choices. Whether you choose resin or PVC figures, rest assured that you'll enjoy displaying your favorite anime characters on your shelf.


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