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About FI

Familia International, founded in 1999 to be a parent organization to help fund other business ventures in particular in regard to families and communities. The sole vision is to develop a way to help generate financial health and welbeing families and society through job creation. To create jobs especially in the current economy is just the boost the workforce needs to overcome record high unemployment rates. The primary objective is to find a venture that can generate the capital needed to fulfill this goal. 

Type of businesses we back are very important to us. Companies that drive environmental awareness, health and safety are key focuses.

FIHEROE is our online marketplace built around the health, beauty & fashion categories.  Our mission is to provide eco-friendly, sustainable fashion, grooming, and accessories to communities worldwide.  All products made with recycled, environmentally friendly materials produced with the highest quality; both unique and beautiful. FIHEROE. also helps to build awareness about environmental issues that impact the earth and our continued well being.

We also believe in fair trade and ensure that the items we sell provide positive economic impact for all communities.