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Healing Totem Magnetic Therapy Viking Celtic Copper Healing Bracelet

Does Copper Really Heal?


The answer is yes! Copper has profound healing properties. It's one of the 9 minerals essential to human nutrition. 

A healthy adult has about 110 mg of copper whereas 50% is in bone and muscles. 

Our beautiful Viking Celtic symbol copper magnetic therapy bracelet is adjustable. Just place it on your wrist and squeeze for a perfect fit. Won't tarnish over time. Unisex styling, perfect for both men and women.

What's the most praised aspect of copper? It's beautiful! Copper is very noticeable and has a magnificent shine. Looks wonderful on both men and women. 

Yes, copper is safe to wear. Pure copper does not oxidize with the air like brass. 

You or your skin will not turn green. Copper has a slight magnetic charge which is an even greater healing value. It's worn by celebrities and people from all walks of life. 

So go ahead and add an attractive piece of copper jewelry to your wardrobe today.