Reusable vs Disposable Car Air Freshener Review

Reusable vs Disposable Car Air Freshener Review

Reusable vs. Disposable ~🌲~ A Car Air Freshener Review


Your car air freshener doesn’t seem like a big deal, but when you break it down it changes the game. Disposable air fresheners can make your car smell clean. But, how long will it work before you have to buy a new one? Reusable car air fresheners can keep your car smelling clean and you can always refill it.

Purchasing a car freshener from FIHEROE can also help save the earth. The air fresheners sold at the FIHEROE website are designed to help the earth. The global consciousness of their air freshener designs makes them healthy for the environment. Each and every one of their car fresheners is made to be reusable and refillable. 


Disposable Car Fresheners

It's hard to believe that a car air freshener can impact your life in a negative way, but it sure can. Some fresheners that are made overseas can damage your car or even bring about some possible health risks.

These disposable ones emit pollutants in the atmosphere of your car. When a window is rolled down or a car door is opened, these pollutants also get into the atmosphere. For most people, this is not the end of the world. However, in a large society, like we have today, these pollutants can add up. 

Some chemicals released by disposables can even cause developmental and reproductive issues for anyone in the car. Some people even claim that a disposables made them sick.

Additionally, chemicals called phthalates can be linked to the hormonal disruption in young people. It is worth noting that these effects depend on how close in proximity a person is to the disposable car freshener. The size of the car also determines how the disposable will affect you.

Reusable Car Air Fresheners


Reusable car air fresheners are healthy for the environment and your own well being. Reusables can be refilled when they are empty and they also have some minute, yet powerful effects.

Some reusable car air fresheners can even affect your mood. Because they have no unhealthy side effects, these car air fresheners can be used by anyone. A reusable car air freshener can reduce toxins produced and emitted into the environment. They are environmentally friendly, so anyone using one can be sure without a doubt that they are helping the earth.

Anyone can enjoy the benefits at a low price. Most of the reusable car air fresheners at FIHEROE are on sale. Their low and reasonable prices alone are enough reason to switch from using a disposable car air freshener to a reusable one.

So, now that you know how unhealthy a disposable car air freshener can be, what are you waiting for? Reusable car air fresheners can help the environment and keep you healthy. They are easily refillable and are sold at reasonable prices. Not to mention, they make your car smell just as good if not better than a disposable car air freshener. Don’t miss out and buy a reusable and Eco-friendly car air freshener today!


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