Why Manga Readers Love Snow White with the Red Hair

Why Manga Readers Love Snow White with the Red Hair - FIHEROE.

Why do people love Snow White with the Red Hair?

Many people know Snow White as a fantasy character from Hollywood. Yet, Snow White with the Red Hair is an original manga anime with a unique and attractive storyline. The series started in 2006 and has 21 volumes loved by readers and fans worldwide. The series is attractive which causes readers to stick to it.


It's hard to define a fan’s love for this series with one justification. As we delve further into the Snow White with the Red Hair, it seems evident that many people have their reasons for loving it. Snow White with the Red Hair is it started out as Manga in 2006 and in 2016 it then aired on Japanese TV, casting two seasons. Here are some reasons why this show is so popular with readers and viewers alike.

Anime Lovers

The very first thing that makes the series popular and loved by many is the love of Manga and anime. This series got attention with the very first manga edition. The character development is outstanding. The reader gets pulled into an almost magical story of triumph over obstacles.

Shirayuki's Independence

Although it's a fictional tale, Snow White with the Red Hair's the message is strong. Such as strength and independence, yet kindness. The lead character, Shirayuki is an herbalist in the Tanbarun Kingdom. The only special thing about her is the unique red hair color that makes her different from others. To avoid trouble with her social circle, she prefers to hide her hair color from her community. Because of this, Shirayuki has a kindness about her, not oppressive in the least bit. She is confident enough to manage her life and face people with strong convictions.

One day, the Prince of Tanbarun notices her hair color and offered her to be his Concubine, but she refused. Afterward, she moved away. This represents a strong move in character. Even in the new Kingdom, she had to face a crisis but successfully gets through these troubles. It shows her will to survive in the cruel world enduring the hardships and remaining patient.

Uniqueness of attire

All Manga is not the same. Snow White with the Red Hair proves it in graphics and attire. Snow White with Red Hair is quite different from the others. It's a tale from the past that contains unique and attractive settings. The characteristics, features, attire, and how they respond to different scenarios are classic. It seems a good impression of a kingdom is one where Kings & Queens control the State.

All the necessary parts of the kingdom are designed to look appealing. It is not only a fantasy but unique which makes it special and attractive for viewers

The romance of lead characters

Romance is the glue that keeps the audience stuck to the series and show. There's a subtle romance between protagonist and antagonist that's mesmerizing. The audience can feel it as well. In every volume, the romance gets dense and urges the audience to ask for more, the ultimate union of the lovers.

Although it is not a love story in itself but focuses on a protagonist who finds love. But, the love story of the lead characters gives the audience a treat in every single episode with a twist. After making sacrifices, finally, they win! Rejoice in their feelings and union and that is what people love. Snow White with the Red Hair finds the love of her life and pursues a life she deserves after going through many crises in life.

Flow of events

Another beautiful thing about this Manga series is how the flow connects to the series of events. Everything starts with a flow and smoothly shifts from one subject to another. A good introduction and background of the events take place between characters. Moreover, connectivity and continuity do not let the audience lose interest. 

Unique kind of story

The storyline is rapid and sometimes confusing for the audience. It's not about fighting but there's a struggle. Not about love but there's romance, it is not about rivalry but there are grudges and much more. Lifelike scenarios help viewers relate to similar events in their own lives.

Realistic and interactive scripting

The ultimate blessing of any anime series is the realistic and interactive scripting. Beautifully written, the reader feels connected to the story. The characters are relatable. Both Manga and anime are popular for this very reason. It's all about grasping what you see and absorbing what you read in anime.

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