Why Fans are Upset About Nanami Kento in Jujutsu Kaisen

Why Fans are Upset About Nanami Kento in Jujutsu Kaisen
Totally Pissed About Nanami Kento

Have you ever been so invested in an anime series that you were excited to see a new character, only to have them killed off without any proper introduction? It's frustrating. This is exactly what happened with Nanami Kento, and it's no wonder that fans are pissed.

Current-day anime screenwriters seem to be taking the lazy way out by killing off characters without properly introducing them. Sure, manga readers may know who these characters are, but what about those who solely watch the anime? It's unfair to expect viewers to refer to the manga to understand a character's backstory.

Nanami Kento's death was a prime example of this lazy writing. Fans were introduced to him in the anime, but he was killed without proper development. It's no wonder that fans are upset with the handling of this character. It's not just Nanami Kento either; there are countless other examples of characters being killed off without proper development or explanation.

It's time for anime screenwriters to step up their game and treat their characters with the respect they deserve. Killing off characters without proper development is not only lazy but disrespectful to fans who have invested time and emotion into characters like Nanami Kento. I hope this trend will change soon, and we'll see better writing in the anime industry.


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