Loving the Classics - Speed Racer Anime

Loving the Classics - Speed Racer Anime

Loving the Classics - Speed Racer Anime

I've always loved anime, even as a child, but I didn't know the difference back then. Shows like Speed Racer blended with the rest of the Saturday morning cartoons. I remember the excitement of waking up early to catch my favorite show. Japanese animation has been around for almost a century. Astro Boy & Gigantor started as manga and are just a couple of good works from that era. There's no wonder manga got so popular in the American cartoon industry.

astro boy

So, what is manga?

Short and sweet, the Japanese comic industry was created by Chichi no Tamashii in the 60s. Manga was released to print in the Book of Shōnen magazine and then took off like wildfire. These Short stories had scenic backgrounds and amazing storylines. Each page took you away from everyday life into a whole new world. Manga plays a vital role in human survival by stimulating imagination. Hope, fear, and love are all important to a good story. The battle between good and evil is the focus of manga stories. You couldn't wait for the next episode to see what happened. Anime is the result of television becoming popular in the 1950s. In the 1960s, anime adaptations of earlier works such as Speed Racer began appearing on television.

Speed Racer, the Anime

speed racer

Speed Racer originated as a manga series in the 1960s. The original Mach GoGoGo was released sometime in the past century, so popular that it got noticed by the television industry, which prompted them to air all 52 episodes of Mach GoGoGo in 1967. The manga was not picked up until the 1990s by an American comics publisher who renamed it Speed Racer. It was a huge hit, as in Japan. Back then, when Stan Lee was getting started, no one else had an incredible race car winning championships. Especially not a teenager, there was no comic quite like it. The Mach 5 was the fastest car in the animation world; nobody could beat it. The focal point of the story is about winning. Young Speed wants to prove to the world he's the best, but not in a light Yagami sort of way. Speed still has respect and a moral center. Instead of hiding, Speed convinces his father that he can save the world by racing. With help from friends and family, Speed can overcome his obstacles and remain victorious.

Mach 5

mach 5 speed racer

There've been quite a few versions of Speed Racer since the 90s American adaptation. A movie that came out in 2008 called Speed Racer., a couple of TV shows, including the latest drop in the same year as the movie, The New Adventures of Speed Racer. All did well. There's a nostalgic vibe that resonates from this show. But even over 50, Speed Racer is always considered ahead. The design of the Mach 5 is still regarded as classy, and even today's race cars seem to follow Mach 5's design in some ways. Speed's father built Mach 5 as a passion project; Its interior is feature-rich. Not to mention the magic trunk in the back though small, the trunk hides half his friends in it. With Mach 5, Speed has everything he needs to win.

Loving the Classics - Speed Racer

Fans from all over the world love Speed Racer. Just one of those shows you can't archive. Even now, Speed Racer is back. Funko released a line of toys dedicated to Speed and his Mach 5. Who knows, this may spark another reboot. Fans can't help but see more.


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