All About Nanatsu no Taizai: A Sinful Tale

All About Nanatsu no Taizai: A Sinful Tale

Have you watched the anime Nanatsu no Taizai?

It is an anime about a princess who wants to save her kingdom and her people. She is on a quest to find seven powerful warriors to help her fight the evils and monsters that invade her kingdom. This show is about a lot of things: friendship, loyalty, love, betrayal, and most of all, the Nanatsu no Taizai.

This anime series focuses on seven characters who represent sins. These sins are wrath, envy, greed, pride, lust, sloth, and gluttony. There is a story behind each sin. This tells us how they ended up convicted for their crimes and branded with the symbols of their sin.

There is a lot to love about this anime starting from how these seven criminals fight for justice. Despite the name, they are the heroes. With this anime, looks can be deceiving. Why? Because the sins always find a way to mislead people’s perception of them.

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First off is Meliodas. The captain of the group looks as harmless as a fly and looks the same way he did ten years ago. That scrawny-looking kid is no doubt one of the strongest characters in the series. With surprises at every turn. He is the son of the Demon King who is supposed to be evil and originally the leader of the Ten Commandments. His sin is death and destruction of countless people. But, with the help of his love interest, Meliodas reconsiders. He is the primary protagonist who wants to keep everyone together and is also the sin of wrath.


Diane is the sin of envy and a member of the Giant clan. She is one of the toughest female characters in the series.  Think of her as a giant Sakura but in an adorable less angry way.  Her sin was jealousy over Meliodas and his love interest, Elizabeth. 


Ban is the sin of greed and a fan favorite for his easygoing nature and stubbornness. His choice of outfits is questionable; or not. But Ban is a beast on the battlefield and in love with King's sister, Elaine. Elaine gifts Ban with the power of immortality, and this makes Ban unstoppable. His sin, the power of the “snatch”. He can steal power from anyone, so much so, that he can barely handle the load.


Harlequin the sin of sloth also looks like a kid but is the King of Fairies. Elaine's brother, who decided to shirk his duties as King to explore the world.  Of course, this did not work out too well because he lost everything. His sister, his people, and the well of immortality. But despite all this, Harlequin is the definition of OP'd. His super powerful fairy powers are a game-changer. He is also smitten with Diane. His sin, laziness.


Gowther, the sin of lust who is a doll lacking human emotion. Created by the original Gowther. One of the Ten Commandments who mutinied against the Demon King for his ruthlessness. Gowther has the power to influence the mind and the heart. Which was critical in taking down the Sins enemies. But of course, it goes hand in hand with his sin. He is unstable which is a classic trope for this group.


Merlin sin of gluttony is a cool female character. Yes, a representation of the actual Merlin, friend, and mentor of Arthur Pendragon. But with a twist, she is a girl and the greatest magician in the series. Still unclear as to why she was branded with the sin of gluttony.


Finally, Escanor the sin of pride. He has two personalities. One a meek grandpa-looking fellow by night and the other a muscular arrogant guy by day. Escanor, yet another OP'd character in this series, wields the power of the sun.

You should really watch Seven Deadly Sins - it is a show that is worth your time. With a compelling cast and an intriguing storyline, you will get hooked in no time!


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