Totem vs. Brand

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Totem vs. Brand

In today's business world, promotion and growth go hand-in-hand. Every company wants to be recognized and have a strong brand. Branding is the modern term for the symbol or mark that represents a company. We recognize companies by their logos and marks. In ancient times, this was called a totem.

Tracking the history

Since the very beginning of civilization, humankind has been fascinated by nature and its beauty. Using natural symbols such as sceneries, animals, and other creatures for different purposes is a part of human history. Totem is as ancient as human civilization. People used these associations to symbolize their attributes with a specific object, feeling, and place or people. By exploring many ancient cities and historical sites, we can witness animal carvings and sculptures used at that time.

Symbols of tribes and families

In Native American history, the animal Totem was popular among tribes and families. They took specific animal characteristics and displayed their abilities, powers, and attributes. The Thunderbird or Eagle was one of the most common and popular Totem animals. It was a sign of strength to show how sharp, strong, dominant, and independent they were.

Similarly, in African and Asian cultures, Totem animals were used as specific symbols for families, ancestors, and class. To represent clan identity, multiple animal carvings were displayed on bodies, shields, flags, ornaments, and many other things. A Totem was not only a decoration but showed their association with a specific tribe or set of people.

In other words, we can say that Totem in history is like someone's nationality. Totem symbolism was the first form of identification for the tribes.


Totem becomes brand

Previously the term known as Totem was limited to families or tribes, but now it's a bit different. Totem symbolism is widely used for business branding. Right now, we recognize products with the help of symbols representing a company's uniqueness and identification.

For any business, it is necessary to present a product worth buying. A consumer will only buy it when there is a need or similar attraction. Therefore, a business's first step is to create a unique symbol to identify its product. For example, BMW uses a BMW logo, Puma uses a Puma logo, and so on. These products use logos to brand themselves, establishing their excellent and trustworthy characteristics.

How branding is different from Totem

There are not many differences between Totem and branding. Two centuries apart, both bear similar patterns, yet their uses are the same. Animal Totem represents tribes, families, and people, while the present-day brand primarily focuses on business and products. People no longer desire to display only family status. However, they still want to gain wealth by using brands to make them prominent and acceptable. Even though the word Totem has changed, how an individual uses it remains the same. Tattoos, ornamentations, embroidery, and so on are all standard.


Why Totem or brand is important in every age?

Human civilization has always had a particular symbol or "Totem." For example, symbols are an integral part of human history and can be seen all around us in nature. They help to connect people and products and remind us of who we are and what we're meant to do.


A Totem is a symbol that represents a business and helps customers remember it. For example, an image, word, or phrase can identify a company. A brand is a type of Totem associated with a particular product or service. These symbols allow people to remember businesses and products quickly and easily.


A brand's logo is often seen as a symbol of its identity and values. Seeing a recognizable logo can persuade many consumers to take action. In addition, a solid and unique identity can help a brand gain international renown and acceptance.


A company's reputation can be enhanced by a well-known Totem or brand symbol. For example, the Puma logo with its leopard image is recognized worldwide and conveys the message of speed and agility. However, a logo is more than just a marketing tool - it is an organization's Totem that unifies people globally.

A brand is more than just marketing!

In a constantly changing and evolving world, it is more important than ever for businesses to have a solid and recognizable brand. A brand represents a company's core values and identity and serves as a way for customers to connect with the business on a deeper level. Unfortunately, it can be easy to forget things or let important details slip through the cracks in today's fast-paced society.


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