Why Marvel Cannot Introduce Galactus Into The MCU

Why Marvel Cannot Introduce Galactus Into The MCU

Why Marvel Cannot Introduce Galactus into the MCU

Galactus is a cosmic entity in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So why hasn't he shown up? There are plenty of theories.

First theory, Marvel can't introduce him into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Why? Because the Fantastic Four movies would have to be re-introduced, or altogether redone.

Galactus first appeared in in the comic version of Fantastic Four volume 1, issue 48-50. It's rumored that there will be some remnants of Fantastic Four seen in Dr. Strange 2: Multitude of Madness. But that will remain unknown until the movie’s release.

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If Galactus were to make an appearance into the MCU, his powers would become diminished. This would have to occur for the political heroes that currently make up the MCU, to defeat him. I want to remind you, about a “tweeny-something” Kate Bishop. An inexperienced sidekick featured in the Hawkeye Disney Plus series, who defeated Kingpin. Although, Kingpin is a very experienced and powerful villain. Many “Die Hard” Marvel fans are still left dumbfounded about this.

captain americaAnother event must happen to introduce Galactus into the MCU. What about his interaction with the Asgardians? Present in the comics but never mentioned in any of the MCU movies for that matter. Where would it weave into the storyline of the already released MCU material? In the Comics, Galactus arranged an attack on Asgard during the Dawn of Time in search of the Galactus Seed. A seed that would nourish Galactus and stop his hunger. This attack took place before the Asgardian battle with the Dark Elves, based on the timeline.

For the Grand Finale, The Silver Surfer would also have to be re-introduced. The Silver Surfer's entire storyline would have to be re-written. This would bring too much confusion and chaos to the existing written material. Drastic alterations to existing movies must occur to allow for Galactus's introduction. Instead, we would have to ask ourselves, “What would Stan do?”



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