A Muslim Superheroes List: Their Arrival on the "Big Screen" is Highly Anticipated

A Muslims Superheroes List

A Muslim Superheroes List

In honor of Ramadan, it would be the perfect time for a Muslim Superhero movie release. For example, the nostalgia of Christmas Movies released before for the Christmas holiday. But what would it mean to Muslims around the world, if a superhero movie preview aired in honor of Eid?  

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After Muslims fast thirty days. It would top it off to end Eid festivities with a movie representing the Muslim community. There are at least fifteen existing and well-written Muslim superheroes. These featured heroes would break into Marvel, or DC films. Only introduced by way of the comics. Many fans are anticipating the transition from comics to film. But will that ever happen?  
Here's the Superheroes list:

kamala khan Ms. Marvel

Let's begin with Kamala Khan. If the name does not ring any bells, she claimed the mantle of Ms. Marvel. The former Ms. Marvel was Kamala's idol, Carol Danvers. Kamala Khan first appeared in the Captain Marvel comics, Vol. 14. Kamala  is a Pakastani American superhero from Jersey City. Kamala designed her very own modest costume using a burkini her mother gave her as a gift.

Abiding by the Muslim dress code, Kamala uses her powers to save the city. Kamala seeks aid and advice from the leader of the her Mosque, Sheikh Abdullah. While receiving advice, Kamala manages to keep her powers disclosed.  

Monet St. Croix

Next, let's mention Monet St. Croix. Monet first appeared in The Uncanny X-Men, Vol. 316. Monet St. Croix is a powerful mutant who possesses a variety of superhuman powers.

Monet became known for her involvement in "Generation X" and "X factor" investigations. Although she does not abide by the Muslim dress code, she once spoke out in defense of the Muslim Community. Many protesters at an Anti-Islam rally proclaimed that Muslims were as bad as Mutants. Monet defended herself and her fellow Muslims with courage. She shouted, " I am a Muslim and a Mutant!"  

Sooraya Qadir

Another over-powered Muslim superhero who appeared alongside her fellow X-Men, was Sooraya Qadir. Sooraya referred to as the Superhero "Dust", who first appeared in The New X-Men, Vol.133. Sooraya, when under attack, appears as a sand-like substance. 

Soraaya's code name became "Dust". Sooraya abides by the traditional Muslim dress code, remaining modest in battle. The only parts of her body revealed are her eyes and hands.  

Simon Baz

Onto the DC Comics Superheroes list side of things. Let's begin with Simon Baz. Simon is a Lebanese Green Lantern who first appeared in The New 52, Vol.1.

"Baz", persecuted after the 911 attacks due to his religion and ethnicity. Although, Simon encountered a life-saving attempt that resulted in endangered lives. He still became Green Lantern. He later became a member of the Justice League and declared innocent.  

Night Runner

Another DC Muslim superhero is Night Runner. Or otherwise known as "The Batman of Paris". Bilal Asselah, made his first appearance as Night Runner in the Detective Comics, Vol.12.

Bilal and a close friend, became beaten by the police at a French-Muslim protest rally. This later resulted in his friend's death. This tragedy caused Bilal to become the masked vigilante, Night Runner. His parkour training caught the eye of the caped crusader, Batman. Bilal became the French representative of Batman Incorporated. 

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These worthy heroes, selected from a Superheroes list of many. Too many to mention in one blog, along with countless comic book appearances. I am thrilled by anticipation about when these powerful heroes will make a debut into film. Any takers? A simple question asked followed by a slight double-wink at the creators of Marvel and DC.

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