The Healing Power of Zeolite in an Eco-Friendly Car Freshener

If you are looking to be environmentally conscious. Then getting an Eco-friendly car freshener needs to be on your to-do list. Traditional air freshener sprays or plug-ins will fill your car with an artificial smell. This can be toxic to the environment and any passengers. However, fighting odors with an Eco-friendly air freshener is safer for the passengers and the planet.

What is Zeolite?

Natural volcanic minerals are mined in certain parts of the world. These minerals contain zeolite. They are formed made when the ash from a volcanic eruption flows into the sea. The salt from the sea and ash from the volcano produces zeolite. Zeolite is in the form of volcanic rock. It is known to have a great impact on your health and well being. For centuries, this mineral has been known as the calming stone. It is capable of detoxing the body and strengthening the immune system. Not to mention, they are safe for the environment.

To say it simply, Zeolite is an organic mineral, therefore, good for the Earth. It is completely safe and non-toxic. Also, it is able to help balance the body’s pH levels for healthy alkalinity. Being one of the oldest deposits of its kind in the world. Uniquely pleasing to the environment. Zeolite was first formed over three-hundred million years ago. It is mostly made up of silica and alumina tetrahedra. There are saltwater and freshwater variations. Each zeolite rock is unique to its environment.

A clinoptilolite is a high-quality zeolite that is toxin-free. This awesome car freshener uses clinoptilolite that has been sourced from the Earth and separated from other naturally occurring minerals that are bad for your body.

Zeolite Reusable Vent Clip

Introducing the Eco-Friendly Zeolite Reusable Vent Clip Car Freshener to your vehicle can improve your health. It is a wonderfully smelling Eco-friendly car freshener. It does not release any toxic odors and does not harm the environment.

Plus, the Zeolite Reusable Vent Clip has a sleek design. The real zeolite rocks are housed in fortified glass, so your mode of transportation will look awesome. This Eco-friendly car freshener is easy to assemble and is built to last. It has a vent clip styling and is easy to adjust. 

Reducing Global Waste

Zeolite is highly effective in furnishing catalysts that are helpful to the environment. These catalysts are extensively used for fighting toxic odors. It is able to prevent toxicities, that come from your vehicle that may harm the environment.

Consider getting an Eco-friendly car freshener

The amazing car freshener can give you “The Ultimate Calm” while driving. Additionally, it can strengthen your immune system and have a profound impact on your health.

It seems your search for a car freshener is over. This eco-friendly freshener fulfills all of your needs. It fights nasty odors resulting from just about anything. Meanwhile, it can detox your body and improve your health. Using this car freshener is truly Eco-friendly.