Is Attack on Titan Really that Good?

Attack on Titan...what makes it great?
Is Attack on Titan Really that Good? - FIHEROE.

Go hard anime fans love Attack on Titan

This manga-inspired series has about everything needed to make a great show. Amped-up action, new layers of intrigue, and charismatic storytelling.

Many critics say that it’s way too early to rate an anime. But, according to me, this is pure class. The soundtrack's tempo varies according to the situation keeping the excitement pumping. The end is something that no one will look forward too as no one will want it to end. A must watch for every anime lover and of course, the manga is available as well.

Although a bit gory, the heroism makes up for it! Attack on Titan is eye-catching, from the very first episode. You know, anime comes in all kinds. But anime that targets the adult market has a better storyline. The first 3 episodes were off the hook. Not predictable at all.

The story started out sad then became epic. The concept was unique. Humanity surrounded themselves with high walls to protect against Titans. Giants who seek to enforce oppression. The main character, Eren wants a revolution! But Eren needs to convince everyone else a fight against tyranny. On a day, to remember for all eternity, the revolution began! And it gets better from there. Emotions run high; the suspense is awesome.  Attack on Titan is worth the watch.

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