The Gotei 13: Are They Enough?

bleach gotei 13

The Gotei 13 - Are They Enough?

With a Court Guard Squad of immense power, how can the Gotei 13 ever face defeat? Will this immense power be their own undoing? Will they continue to be enough to protect the Soul Society along with the human world? And keep all souls safe from the defeat of “The Hollows”? Or will they become a threat to themselves?

Gotei 13 Captain's List:

bleach rukia kuchiki

Let’s begin with Rukia Kuchiki’s Zanpakuto “Sodeno Shirayuki”. Also known as “Sleeves of White Snow”. A Bankai that releases deadly sheets of ice. Which gives her freezing abilities that she strategically pairs with Kido combat. One would think Rukia is unstoppable, but she requires more time to fully master her power. Which often results in Rukia needing assistance from her comrades during battle to achieve victory.

bleach mayuri

Mayuri Kurotsuchi’s “Ashisogi Jiso”. A Bankai, that spawns a caterpillar-like creature. This creature has tiny legs that appear harmless. But in fact, are blades that cause fatal consequences. As if this alone was not enough, this creature expels venom and can poison an enemy with its breath. Although, Mayuri expresses sadistic behavior which often makes his comrades skeptical in regard to his mental state.

bleach kenpachi

Kenpachi Zaraki’s Zanpakuto and Bankai are so powerful they remain unknown. Kenpachi, ruled the strongest Shinigami. Strikes his enemy with raw power at a max level. One would believe Kenpachi is invincible. But his downfall is that operates without direction that is supported by his bullheaded thought process.

bleach toshiro hitsuguya
Toshiro Hitsugaya’s Zanpakuto “Hyorin Maru”. Also known as “Ice Dragon”. A Bankai that releases a dynamic Dragon of Ice. This gives one the notion that Toshiro remains untouchable at such a young age. But the fact that Toshiro is such a young captain, he often leaves the result of poor decisions


bleach kensei

Kensei Muguruma’s Zanpakuto “Tekken Tachi Kaze”. His astronomical Bankaireleases power blades. These power blades expel through the air and explode upon impact. Leaving none but a deadly outcome. But Kensei’s nonchalant attitude prevents him from taking anything seriously. Which often conflicts with his ability to be an efficient captain.

bleach lisa

Lisa Yadomaru’s Zanpakuto “Haguro Tonbo”. Although her demeanor is calm, cool and collected. Her enemy should not underestimate her. Her Bankai releases a powerful “Iron Dragonfly”. The description of her Zanpakuto. But since Lisa has trust issues when dealing with others, she relies only on herself. This often leaves Lisa in a predicament of difficulty as situations arise.

Bleach Sajin Komamura

Sajin Komamura’s Zanpakuto “Kokugo Tengen Myo”. A Bankai that releases an astounding and gigantic Samurai. This Samurai already equipped with an all-powerful sword and mimics Sajin’s movements. Which makes him appear indestructible. But his Bankai compensates for what Sajin lacks in skill.

bleach byakuya

Byakuya Kuchiki’s Zanpakuto “Senbonzakura Kageyoshi”. Also known as “Blade of a thousand cuts”. With a Bankai that expels only that, slicing his enemy into ribbons. It’s no wonder Byakuya is the strongest Captain of the Soul Society. The name of his Zanpakuto alone describes the supreme effect of Byakuya’s power. Since Byakuya is a stickler for the rules governed by the Soul Society. This effects his ability to be fair when “gray issues” arise.

bleach shinji

Shinji Hirako’s Zanpakuto “Sakanara”. Also known as “Inverted World”. A world that reverses the laws of physics. This confuses his enemy before an unexpected defeat. It is obviously agreed upon that Shinji would be impossible to defeat. But sadly enough, with the ability to wield this power. He tends to be overly paranoid and rethinks important decisions. Which results in his downfall. Isane Kotetsu’s Zanpakuto “Ite Gumo”.

bleach isane

Isane’s Bankai is unknown. But once she commands her Shikai, a powerful triple-bladed Katana becomes unleashed. Paired with Kido combat, Isane overpowers her enemy. Unfortunately, since Isane had been second in command for quite a while as Lieutenant. She has not yet grasped the concept to lead as Captain.

bleach rojuro

Rojuro Otoribashi’s Zanpakuto “Kinshasa Butsudan”. The description, a “Golden Sai Tree”. When he commands his Bankai, Rojuro can create shockwaves by manipulating sound. This subdues his enemy before defeat. This gives the assumption that Rojuro is a fierce warrior. Truth be told. The only issue that makes Rojuro fiery enough to be fierce in battle. Often pertains to “spoilers” that are uncovered on a manga in which he indulges.

bleach soi fon

Soi Fon’s Zanpakuto “Sazume Bachi”. Also known as “Little Hornet”. Once she activates her Bankai, it can be fatal after only two strikes. Although Soi has a fun-loving demeanor, she is a serious threat in battle. The combination of her Bankai, hand-to-hand combat and Kido make her appear unbeatable. But her inability to gather sufficient evidence when proper judgement should prevail, often leads to faulty consequences. 

bleach shunsui

Shunsui Kyoraku’s Zanpakuto “Katen Kyokutsu” In another sense means, “Make Playful Live”. Once he activates his Bankai, he can make simple children’s games live. Which creates fatal consequences for rule-breakers. Which also results in an unexpected defeat. Without a doubt, Shunsui appears omnipotent. Although, he tends to be a womanizer. The distraction from the many women he entertains, often leaves him blindsided.

With a single squad consuming this level of power, the Gotei 13 may be unable to resist any threat that appears. However, when power, laws, and regulations are abused, the Gotei 13 may be their own worst enemy.


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