My Hero Academia, The Path to a Hero All Might

My Hero Academia, The Path to a Hero All Might

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Although, Izuku “Deku” Midoriya took up the Mantle to be All Might’s successor. Will he ever understand the full capacity of the power transferred to him? All Might’s immense strength alone is known to destroy several city blocks from the pressure of one blow.

Will Deku gain the ability to wield the One for All quirk at this same capacity? Like Deku, All Might was also born Quirkless. He is the eighth one to hold the power after his mentor transferred it to him. Also, like Deku, All Might has held power since he was a teenager and became the Symbol of Peace. In All Might’s true form, he is oddly frail, with long limbs and tall. In Deku’s true form, he is short and skinny. But develops a muscular physique during his training with All Might 

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In his younger years, he had supreme control over the One for All Quirk. He was able to hone the power completely, with little or no complications. After the battle with All for One, All Might’s ability to maintain his muscle form took its toll. Which caused his eyes to darken and blood to expel from his mouth. But unlike his predecessors. He remained the longest living holder of the One for All Quirk. Even while training Deku to consume his power at one hundred percent. All Might has the ability to project his will to intimidate others.  

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During Deku’s training, All Might faces the struggle of keeping the One for All Quirk a secret. Very few are aware of its existence to keep the quirk from ending up in the possession of villains. Including All for One, the creator of the quirk. How is it that All Might has gained the ability to use a form of the quirk, even while transferring its power? And how has Deku received knowledge of the quirk, unknown to All Might? It seems that as the quirk transfers to another, the holder gains more insight.  

Unless the ultimate use of the One for All quirk is based on courage and determination. Both of which, he and Deku both have. All Might’s willingness to train Deku was because of the determination that he also saw in himself. With that in mind, there is a strong reason that he has remained alive, unlike his predecessors. To channel what All Might’s heart possesses along with this Supreme power of the One for All. Deku is bound to surpass any set expectations.  

One may not understand All Might’s will to cultivate Deku’s power. And how

deku and all might

earnestly protects him at all costs. But he has the ability to not only transfer his will over to Deku but, the power of this quirk. Unlike any of the mentors before him. Yet, the predecessors of the quirk attempt to connect to Deku. Which gives him advanced knowledge and a way to defeat All for One for good. This will create a will within Deku that allows him to be, not only the longest living holder of the One for All Quirk. But the true All Might.   

Like a scientist who often creates a formulation until it’s perfected. He just might succeed in creating a mightier version than himself. Many of us wonder, how can this be possible? 



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