Bleach - Soul Society - The Ruling Body

Bleach - Soul Society -  The Ruling Body

Bleach - Soul Society: The Ruling Body

The Soul Society operates under strict laws, which are to maintain the balance of the soul population. But are these laws designed to consider the capabilities of all souls involved? Do these laws maintain balance, or do they cause infractions? At the core of the Seireitei's protectors is the Gotei 13, who appear to be the foundation of the Soul Society; however, that may not be the case.

Let's start with the Soul Society's ruling bodies:

The King of Souls is the government's ruler. The Oken, a Royal Key, leads to the King's isolated dimension. The Central 46 Chambers and Noble Clans carry out the orders of the King. Also, only Captains of the Gotei 13 know the whereabouts of the key. Now, the Clans, Shihoin, Tsunayashiro, Kuchiki, and Shiba clans are among the four most powerful noble families. The Shiba and Oga clans, successors of the Kuchiki and Tsunayashiro clans, teach discipline to all Shinigami. All lower-level families serve one of these four clans.

Next up is the Kido Corps, who operate in secrecy, and they are proficient in many forms of Kido techniques. The Onmitsukido, are the prison wardens in charge of guarding Shinigami sentenced to detention. Last on the list is the Royal Guard, otherwise known as Zero Division. Only the Gotei 13 captains are aware of Zero Division's existence. These individuals gain extreme strength and tactical knowledge after they are discharged.

The Onmitsukido are led by the Shihoin Clan established by Caoyan Shihoin. Yoruichi Shihoin is the 22nd generation head of the Shihoin Clan. The Shihoin Clan and the Onmitsukido are both Guards of the Heavenly Granted Armaments, which are known as "Defenders of the Realm." The Shihoin oversees these unique weapons said to have been given to them by the gods. The Onmitsukido follow the lead of a Shihoin Clan member once they become a Captain in the Gotei 13. However, Soi Fon does not have the Shihoin lineage but is leading the Onmitsukido at this moment.

The Kuchiki Clan was established by En Kuchiki. Byakuya is the 28th generation head of this Clan. The Kuchiki family is responsible for guarding the history of the Soul Society for generations. They are known as the 'Shoichi,' or 'True First.' Like the Shihoin who guard the heavenly armaments, the Kuchiki are guardians of all history in the realm that maintain balance. The nobility of Kuchiki individuals can be identified by the Kenseiken or the signature white silk scarf made of silver wildflower.

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The Tsunayashiro Clan was founded by Kaguki Tsunayashiro. Sadly, there are no remaining Tsunayashiro members. They were replaced by the Shiba clan. The Tsunayashiro was also known as the most powerful and influential of the Four Clans. The most potent Zanpakuto ever wielded originated from the Tsunayashiro Clan. The main reason the family was considered admirable also became their downfall. To purify their bloodline, they dedicated themselves to removing the weaklings. However, the strong appeared to be in short supply.

The Shiba clan was founded by Mikoto Shiba. The current head of the Shiba Clan is Kukaku Shiba, the sister of Kaien, Ganju, and Isshin. Before the Tsunayashiro fell from the ranks, the Shiba Clan was the fifth noble family. The family is exceptionally efficient in Advanced Kido. Their nobility is recognized by the family's symbol known as the "Collapsing Whirlpool of the Crashing Heaven."  

Lastly, The Oga clan was founded by Soun Oga. The 39th generation head is Gengan Oga. The Oga clan prefer to isolate themselves rather than engage in the affairs of the other nobles. The Oga maintain the Dangai records and oversee all matters related to Hell. The Oga Clan's 'Shinken Hakkyoken,' a sword that purifies everything it touches, is the only Zanpakuto that may be wielded by the head of the family rather than by everyone.

So, what do you think about this setup? Can a system of government designed this way indeed be fair? Can the Soul Society protect its citizens?

Or does the Soul Society fail to do so?

The Soul Society was built upon the foundation of a law that promotes equality. However, this law is not absolute. An individual can rise above his peers in certain ways or fall below his peers in specific ways. This is because the Soul Society is more complicated than it seems on the surface. It is not just a place where everyone lives in peace and harmony with each other. It is more than that; it is also a political system designed by higher-ups who have their own agendas and motives. In short, the Soul Society has flaws.


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