The Legendary Thunderbird Animal Totem

The Legendary Thunderbird Animal Totem - FIHEROE.

Thunderbird Animal Totem 

The Legend

thunderbird animal totem

The Thunderbird animal Totem is one of the more fascinating symbols in the Native American world. This animal is seen as a symbol of strength and power and is considered sacred by many Native American tribes. They see everything in nature as having a special meaning or purpose and work to learn all they can about the natural world around them. This knowledge is then passed down from generation to generation to help future generations understand the world around them.

So, what is the meaning of the Thunderbird Animal Totem?



Like the eagle in many cultures, this bird represents all things powerful. Most clans use the symbol to show familial strength and kinship. Native peoples place a great deal of importance on the family unit. A family blessed with many children is considered wealthy and more capable of providing for their needs. The Thunderbird animal totem is often used as a reflection of this.

The Thunderbird animal totem always sits at the top of a totem pole, which is used as a communication device to relay essential messages such:

  • Family history
  • Dates and times
  • Other messages that need to be conveyed


animal totem eagleSome Native American tribes call a Thunderbird animal totem a Skyamsen. A bringer of glad tidings and a messenger from the One who controls all nature. Other symbolic representations include ultimate power, change, irrefutable might, provision, and divine province. TheThe Thunderbird exhibits the best in art. Blue is frequently used to contrast red, yellow, and orange, representing humanity's warring spirit—the fight to maintain control of the ego and douse anger. Thunderbird jewelry is a perfect reminder. When worn, it helps to ease your mind and remember all the good you have.



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