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Naruto Toys Orochimaru Viper Resin Statue

Naruto Toys Orochimaru Viper Resin Statue - FIHEROE.

Naruto Toys Orochimaru Viper Resin Statue

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Hot Orochimaru x Manda. 

Here's an awesome Naruto Toys dynamic action statue for Orochimaru fans. Hit anime manga series Naruto popular for its cool memes, funny quotes, aesthetic fan art, wallpaper, drawings, cosplay, ships & toys. This dynamic action statue is awesome and stands 19.6 inches tall. Displays beautifully anywhere you put it. It comes in secure retail packaging to prevent damage. 15 years and up.

Best series Naruto Shippuden, top Naruto characters Jiraiya, Kabuto, Mitsuki, Boruto, Anko.

This is an exclusive, limited-edition statue. Only 8 left in the world. Pre-order today before it's gone.

Naruto Toys Naruto Toys

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