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Kakyoin Nendoroid JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Figure

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Kakyoin Nendoroid

From the anime manga series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Here's an awesome Nendoroid rendition of the calm and composed Noriaki Kakyoin!

This fully articulated dynamic action figure can be displayed in a wide variety of poses.

Three face plates include:

  • Standard expression
  • Intrepid smiling expression
  • And his cherry-eating "rero rero" expression

The smiling expression features scarred eyes from after his fight with N'Doul, so sunglasses are included as an optional part!

Also, there're several different hand poses including a hand pose holding his beloved cherries. Some parts are based on Kakyion's stand, Hierophant Green. This makes it easy to recreate all your favorite scenes..

Add this super cute Kakyoin Nendoroid to your collection today along with Jotaro Kujo! 

Kakyoin Nendoroid Kakyoin Nendoroid