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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Jotaro Kujo Military Cap


Jotaro Kujo fanatic? Then you'll love these awesome JoJo's Bizarre Adventure military caps. Complete with Jotoro's iconic badges and cool "hat to the side" look.

A cap for all seasons. This cap is sure to be your go-to attire in any weather. Designed to complement and match any attire, not just cosplay. A neutral shade of black and the bold golden badges are a fun addition to an attractive wardrobe.

The white caps are beautifully embroidered with the iconic had of protection and venus symbols. Well made and built to last.

The distinctive flat top and mid-profile crown make for a comfortable, fashion-forward finishing touch. 

Choose between five different styles or just badges. Get yours today while supplies last.

Material: cotton, canvas, eco-leather