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Elephant Totem Crystal Bling Car Freshener


Are you an Elephant friend?


Invigorate your day with our sturdy Elephant Totem car freshener. Nobody likes a funky cab. So keep your vehicle smelling right with a long lasting fresh scent.


Our freshener is 55 x 43 mm long, lightweight and has back clip made from rubber covered metal. It attaches for a secure fit without damage. Not to mention it's refillable. No more replacing those "Little Trees" or vent fresheners within weeks or even days of use. You'll feel that dual satisfaction of smelling good and saving our environment.


Even better our freshener is beautiful. A vintage bronze finish gives it that high end look. Embodied with multi-colored crystals for that bling effect. You'll stand out because of how unique this piece is.


For those who need even greater freshening power, buy two or more. Our low price and free shipping will make it easy to excite your ride or give them away as gifts.

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