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Colorful Lava Stone Mens Healing Bracelets


When it comes to natural healing stones, none does it better than volcanic rock. Rich in essential minerals lava stones remains the go-to healing stone of the century. Lava stone sits at the top of its class in natural rock jewelry. When worn, lava stone helps to relax the body and the mind. Wearers feel a sense of calm easing anxiety.
Lava stones also double as an air freshener. Because of their porous texture, aromatherapy scents can be infused into them. Scents last longer when diffused with lava stone. Place a few drops of your favorite scent onto a lava stone necklace. The same can be done with bracelets and rings. The scent lasts a long time. Another great idea is to hang your favorite lava stone jewelry up inside your car. A perfect DIY car air freshener.
Our lava stone men's healing bracelet has a unique look. Very popular among college students and naturalists. The different color stones show vibrant character. These colors are also present in nature. Our bracelet carries awareness of the natural world and our duty to conserve and protect it. Grab a couple of these energetic bracelets today. 

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