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Car Vent Cleaning Brush for Vent Clip Fresheners


The First Step to a Wonderful Smelling Cab

Remove dust and debris from our Car Vent Cleaning Brush. Wipes clean those hard to reach places inside your cars' vent system.

The car vent clip is easy to assemble and super sturdy. Handles the rigors of everyday use. The cleaning pads are microfiber which traps dirt and debris without it flying all over the car. The sponge on the other end can be wet to double as a shampooing tool. The sponge can be used to clean inside door handles and small compartments.

A Clean vent is the first step before placing your vent clips. Cabin filters can only do so much. Dust and debris have a way accumulating in the vents. The vents then push the debris out of the vents along with the air. This can cause an irritating driving experience.

So why not grab a couple of these cleaning brushes. Pairs excellently with any of our eco-friendly vent clip fresheners. Buy Today while supplies last. Free shipping over $40.

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