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Identity V Anime Plush Pet Shiba Inu

Anime Plushies 

From the hit asymmetrical survival horror game Identity V, super cute anime plushies for you to enjoy. 

Identity V is a very popular mobile game loaded with a gothic art style and mysterious storyline.

These anime plushies capture the artistic flavor of the game similarly. The pet Shiba Inu is a game favorite. Exquisitely detailed and made with high-quality materials. Measures about 10 inches. Super soft and cuddly. Collect all game identities. 

Favorite characters like Fiona Gilman, Aesop Gilman & Eli Clark. Identity V is also known for its funny characters, quotes, memes, aesthetic fanart, cosplay, skins, ships & toys. 

Rated 5 stars on both the App & Play store.

Anime Plushies