An Alternate Universe: The Possibilities the MCU can Introduce Galactus

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An Alternate Universe: The Possibilities the MCU can Introduce Galactus

Although, Galactus was never introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Many Marvel fans still wonder…is it possible?

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In the previous blog, Galactus's introduction was unlikely. But is there an alternative? Is there a chance for him to make his debut in the upcoming Marvel Cinematic projects?

Once again, let’s begin with the Fantastic Four: Rise of The Silver Surfer. We saw a glimpse of whom The Silver Surfer served in the film. Many of us are aware that this super-powered being was Galactus. Although, The Walt Disney Company purchased 20th Century Fox. We are currently unaware of the upcoming plans to add to this film, if any. Disney’s ownership of this film may lead to a possible Galactus introduction. In the comics, Reed Richards and Galactus become allies. Reed revived a dying Galactus with the use of Mjolnir.galactus marvel
Which leads us back to Asgard. We all know in the existing Marvel movies, Asgard is no more. What is known of the Asgardian survivors is assumed to be very few. As mentioned in the previous article, Galactus was in search of the Seed. Also, by way of the comics. During the Asgardian Battle with Odin leading the charge. The seed came into Loki’s possession. Loki mysteriously cloaked the seed.

This information sparks the possibility of a Galactus introduction. This makes us wonder, how could any of this be possible with Asgard destroyed and Loki dead? By way of the Disney Plus series “Loki”, he appears to be alive in the multiverse. Loki, “The God of Mischief” also appears to be the only being aware of the seed’s location. The multiverse tragedy could be a chaotic means to a beneficial end. Loki could uncover his seed in the multiverse. Which would cause him to once again, become desperately in search of the seed.

And for the Grand Finale, The Guardians of the Galaxy. Which would make one think, what do these degenerates have to do with Galactus? In the Marvel movies, Ego was introduced as Star Lord’s father. By way of the comics, he crossed paths with the living planet Ego. Galactus’s starship, transformed into an incubator, crash-landed on the surface of Ego.

The incubator that harnessed all Galactus’s power, began to drain Ego’s lifeforce. The Silver Surfer is once again involved here. Ego required his help to remove Galactus’s incubator. In the timeline, Ego saved a time-displaced Silver Surfer once before. The Silver Surfer later returned the favor. An adaptation of this content could weave into a Guardians of the Galaxy movie. This could also jump start a Galactus introduction. This would also allow a proper Silver Surfer re-introduction.

By way of the comics, he is the importance for the balance of the Universe. We are unaware of whether Marvel is leading up to him. But he is a prime solution for the Multiverse chaos.


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