Anime Room Ideas: How to Decorate Your Anime Room with Style

There are lots of cool ways to get an anime room look and feel. Such as anime stickers, wallpaper, posters, canvas prints. Other great ideas include anime bedding, gaming chairs, large mouse pads. But the most awesome way to decorate an anime room are anime figures collection displays.

What is anime?

Something that looks cool, looks dangerous and sometimes even scary. The word anime pronounced arimaa in Japanese. Anime is a type of Japanese animation. It's a way of storytelling. Originating from a 19th century Japanese comic called Manga Hyajuko.

The story told by someone or a group of people telling a series of events in a comic format. But then it turned into a very detailed and realistic series of drawings on a page. The drawings, made of colors, shapes, patterns and pictures. Usually depict fictionalized stories from Japanese history, entertainment, cultural or historical period.

For example; the manga series Conan. Depicts fictionalized version of the legendary Swordsmith and King Sir Edward. What series of Japanese animation inspires you the most? With cool and amazing characters? anime room ideas


Anime Wall Decals

The easiest anime room ideas. Display them on your walls covering every square inch, to make your room look like a giant fanfic. The best part about wall decals is they can be customized! FIHEROE, has some of the best decals on the web, that can turn your room into a classy modern anime and manga themed room.
Go to our website. Check out our exclusive and customizable wall decals, for tons of deco inspiration.
Have a unframed anime poster or wall decal that you think looks cool? Are you thinking of hanging it in your room? All that’s left is to make a room layout where your poster can display, then get it framed. Awesome DIY décor. anime room ideas

Anime Plushies


Pokémon, Five Nights at Freddy's and Haikyuu are some of the most popular. Anime plushies make for the best anime room ideas for Adults and kids alike.
Decorate a child's room with cute animal plushies or video game plushies. Not only is it fun to see your child enjoy the characters. They can also learn about them and relate it to other characters in the same series. It's also a great way to integrate books and learning into a room.

Anime Figure Collection Displays 

Which characters do you like the most? One of the most visually appealing ways to add character to a room is with an anime display!
The best anime figures collection displays have one of five anime series themes. One Piece, Naruto, Dragon Ball, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, or My Hero Academia. Displays are the best, but take time build and curate. Start with the easiest character series mentioned above to get started. It's a great way to learn about each character.
Collectors also use anime figures as strategy boards for gaming, or building. Real time strategy is always better especially in tournament. And don't forget to name your anime room in a way that truly describes your taste. anime room ideas

Anime Lamps & Night Lights


Design an anime room based on a title! Use a fashion theme or a manga/anime-related theme! Cuteness is in the eye of the beholder. Colorful anime lamps and nightlights can make your anime room feel cozy, whimsical, and fun!

From Naruto to the anime galaxy, showcase your favorite anime characters. Acrylic stands are awesome and easy to illuminate. Even better, popular character resin figures are the trendiest. Sophisticated shapes and layered colors combine to make a refined look! Buy this amazing Might Guy 8 Gates anime lamp. It's a perfect centerpiece and super cool. Cool anime room ideas. anime room ideas

Anime Bedding

Take an anime or manga themed pillow off Pinterest and mix it up with some of your favorite wild print blankets. Â Pillow clash between a traditional plushie and a modern print will be a flawless option for you. Video Games spark great bedding ideas.
The greatest titles for Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Phone are perfect. In this case we're really are talking about video game figures here. Pick out some of your favorite anime series characters.
 anime room ideas

Manga Books Display

A Manga books display is as awesome as the figures. Here are some top manga titles will to help get you started on decorating your anime room ideas.


These are some anime room ideas to inspire you to create that anime room of your dreams. Do you think this is a good source of ideas? Feel free to leave a comment. Thanks for visiting.