Wolves & Animal Conservation-Should We Kill Them?

Wolf Conservation - Should We Kill Them to Save Them? - FIHEROE.

Today's Wolf 

Today the wolf is starting to come back, but as its population increases so does the conflicts with humans. animal conservation

There is a great emotional debate about wolf control, some want the wolf destroyed, while others think wolves should never be killed, the answer may be somewhere in the middle of these positions. Ranchers and Farmers worry that wolves will eat their livestock - cows, sheep, pigs. Today in the areas where farmers and ranchers come into conflict with wolves, there is some killing of problem wolves by the government that is federal. animal conservation

Today there is a powerful anti-wolf lobby, Some judges and political leaders in these areas are feeling pressure to side with this lobby.

According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, "wolf predation of livestock; sheep, poultry, and cattle do occur, but it is uncommon behavior that is enough the species as a whole to be called aberrant." animal conservation

The alternative will be the return to the days of wolf bounty hunting to save the wolf there may have to be a few problem wolves destroyed to protect the species as a whole; there must be an agreement from both the wolf conservationist and the ranchers and farmers. In the United States and Canada, wolves are for the most part protected from free hunting, but in others, countries such as Russia, and parts of eastern Europe wolf bounties still get paid out. More and more wolves and humanity come into conflict with each other, in poor rural areas of Russia for example hunting of deer and another wild game has increased causing competition between man and wolf. With less game to hunt, wolves look for other food sources such as domestic sheep and cattle. animal conservation

It's more important than ever to continue the fight to protect these wondrous creatures. Proceeds of animal totem merchandise go towards the fight against animal cruelty, conservation, and protection. Show your support! Get a wolf animal totem organic tee. 

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