Totem vs. Brand

Business promotion has been one of the major components of business development. To grow further, every business wants its recognition and branding. Branding is a modern age word that represents the symbol of a brand. We always recognize different businesses or brands with the help of their symbols and logos. In ancient times, these are entitled as a totem.

Tracking the history

Since the very beginning of civilization, humankind is fascinated by nature and its beauty. Using natural symbols such as sceneries, animals and other creatures for different purposes is a part of human history. Totem or brand is as ancient as human civilization. People used to have these associations to symbolize their attributes with a specific object, feeling, and place or people as well. With the exploration of many ancient cities and historical sites, we can witness the animal carvings and sculptures that were used at that time.

Symbols of tribes and families

In history, the animal totem was popular among tribes and families. The group of people uses to associate specific animals to them in order to display their abilities, powers, and attributes. One of the most common and popular totems was the Thunderbird or Eagle. It was a sign of power for the people to display how sharp, strong, dominant, and independent they are.

Similarly, in African culture, they use to have totems as specific symbols for families, ancestors, and class. They use to have multiple animal carvings on bodies, shields, flags, ornaments, and many other things that represent their identity. The totems were not only the ornaments of the people but display their association with a specific tribe or set of people.

In other words, we can say that totem in history is just like someone’s nationality at this time. Other than dress, language, color, and other characteristics, people use to have these symbols. These were the first identification characteristics for the tribes to know each other.


Totem becomes brand

Previously the term was known as totem and limited to the families or tribes but now has changed to the corporate world. People still today use to have the animal totems that are known as tattoos on their body, use to wear carvings on their dress and accessories. On the other hand, these animal totems are widely used for business brandings. Right now, we recognize products and brands with the help of these symbols that represent the uniqueness and identification of a brand.

For any business, it is necessary to present the product worth buying. A consumer will only buy it when there is a meaning or attraction. The first strategy of the businesses is to present their product as a brand using symbols. These symbols refer to the logo of the company. Such as you can see the logo of BMW, Puma, and other leading brands of clothes, cars, accessories, and more. They all use the branding symbols that demonstrate their characteristics of being perfect and trustworthy as well.

How branding is different from animal totem

Finding any difference between branding and totem is not possible. These are similar patterns from two different ages with a slight difference in use. Animal totem was used previously just to represent tribes, families, and people. While the brand in the present age is mostly related to business and products. The families or tribes are not into having the animal carvings on their flags, houses, or other accessories anymore. However, the brands are using these carvings to make them prestigious and acceptable.

The acceptance of totems is still there in society and people appreciate having them in adaptation. Although, they do not have these totems to combine an individual from his or her own choice makes the use of these totems. Many of the individuals have tattoos, wear ornaments, and use to have carvings on their accessories, get embroideries, and much more.

On the other hand, branding has taken the place of totems at large in many of the commercial products. They are incorporating the animal totems, patterns, and symbols to the people’s life at large and getting a huge acceptance in return as well. In short, these two are similar to each other but one is a little modified version of others.


Why totem or brand is important in every age?

It is not possible to deny the importance and existence of totem or brand in every age. The symbols are one of the important and major parts of human civilization. From understanding nature to the representation of people and products, these are essential.


Totem or brand is the reason of identification for every business. It helps the consumers to recognize the brand with just one image or glimpse. In every age, these symbols are helping masses to identify specific and specialized people, products, tribes, and businesses.


When the brand logo represents the characteristic of the brand, the consumer will automatically have the persuasion towards the brand. It proves to be a tool that gives international recognition and acceptance to the brand among consumers on a larger scale.


Using a totem or brand symbol with an ultimate reputation, in general, enhance the business reputation as well. The logo of Puma has a leopard in it that resembles speed. Being a sports shoe and fitness brand it is essential for Puma to display its reputation with something strong and impactful. That is why a leopard in the logo works for them well.

A brand is more than just marketing!

Commonly we have the impression that a brand logo or symbol is pure marketing but it is much more than that. The brand is an organizational totem that ensures its recognition worldwide. Currently, we do not have any tribal system anymore but businesses are now becoming tribes. For their international recognition, they use brands as their totems that let them known. On the international canvas, for the consumers, it is easy to identify any brand with the help of these totems.