Green Lantern Corps: Past, Present and Future

Green Lantern Corps: Past, Present and Future

Green Lantern Corps: Past, Present, and Future

Oa, known as the planet, where the Green Lantern Corps originated. A group of Oans, former Maltusians gathered and became “The Guardians”. The Guardians in good faith, created the Green Lantern Corps. Were they creators of justice or heralds of doom? 
The Oans original idea was to protect the Universe. Which began with the “mad scientist” Krona. He attempted to discover the creation of the Universe. But instead, he created an Anti-Matter Universe of Evil. The Guardians exiled Krona for his crimes, but the threat to the Universe remained. Some Oans were from the planet Maltus. The Guardians and Krona included. These Maltusians evolved and moved to Planet Oa, naming themselves Oans.

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The Green Lantern Corps and a Deal to Be Made

During their time on Maltus. The Guardians made a deal with a Universe-hopping time traveler, named Volthoom. The Guardians sought to rid themselves of emotion and become beings of pure logic. Although they hadn’t realized, this act alone was from emotion, as opposed to logic. An act that later unleashed doom throughout the universe. Volthoom had the ability to hop between Universes with a device called a “Travel Lantern”. This Travel Lantern, fueled by Volthoom’s greatest discovery. An energy field enhanced by the will of all life in the Universe called, The Emotional Spectrum.
On Volthoom’s end of the deal. He sought collaborators to help enhance the Spectrum’s power through emotion. A partnership began. The Guardians agreed to expel their emotions into a device called “The Great Heart”. Which would rid the Guardians of all emotion. And Volthoom’s Spectrum would harness more power. This trade created the first Lantern, Volthoom.
The ring born from the Great Heart became appointed to Volthoom. Even after all the power the ring harnessed, Volthoom is yet unsatisfied. Volthoom sought to unlock the full power of the ring. Volthoom partnered with a Maltusian scientist Rami. Although Volthoom’s madness was in good faith, it resulted in his doom. Volthoom thrived for such power to save his home planet, Earth-15 from destruction. Earth-15 was at risk from a mysterious cosmic calamity. 
Volthoom & the Fate of the Green Lantern Corps

To harness more power, Volthoom and Rami decided to insert the Great Heart into Volthoom’s chest. Which led to a plethora of emotions that spun out of control. This caused Volthoom to become more of a threat to his planet than a savior. Once Rami realized the true calamity destined to destroy Earth-15. He dismantled the Travel Lantern. Which trapped Volthoom in his present dimension. An enraged Volthoom wreaked havoc over Maltus and destroyed the population. The cause for the Maltusian survivor’s evolution to Oa. The cause to arrange the very first team of Green Lanterns.
Green Lantern Corps Members

Over the years, there were many Green Lanterns sent to protect the Universe. The one most familiar, Hal Jordan. The protector of Earth’s Sector and founding member of The Justice League. Guy Gardner, also a significant member of the Justice League. John Stewart, the First African American Hero of the Green Lantern Corps. Kyle Rayner, who was the sole Green Lantern until the late ‘90s. For a moment, Kyle alias was “Ion”. Simon Baz, who replaced Silver-Age Hal Jordan to protect the Earth Sector. Jessica Cruz, also a member of The Justice league. Strange enough, the ring of Volthoom located Jessica, and her alias became, “Power Ring”. Keli Quintela. A teen Lantern, and member of The Young Justice League. Alas, although there are many unnamed, Sojourner “Jo” Mullein. Also, a significant member of The Justice League.  
From the beginning. The Guardians claimed to protect the universe from the very same chaos they created. Which would lead one to believe, were The Guardians the creators of justice? Or were they the heralds of doom that consumed the universe? 


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