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September 08, 2019 2 min read


One of Attack on titan’s most popular characters. Levi Ackerman is the embodiment of the phrase “big things come in small packages.” Despite being Humanity’s Strongest, Levi is very short. Most of his fellow soldiers, even 15-year-old trainees, tower over him. Levi bears the classic “thuggish eyebrow furrow”. This makes him appear irritable, short-tempered, and difficult to approach.

Also, Levi never smiles. Not even a smirk. That should be rather telling. Despite his coarse demeanor. He wears a trademark cravat around his neck hints at an affinity for sophistication. His eyes are small. Levi is very unlike any other character in the series. He expresses no fear, no anxiety, no glaring weakness. He is a veteran and the kind of guy who knows his stuff. Clearly, a man who is already broken and put back together long before the events of the story. Being such an experienced and powerful fighter, Levi is also very confident. He never feels intimidated. And hurls insults and threats at humans and Titans alike. He insults nobles and soldiers of higher rank and boasts of killing  Eren and Annie’s Titan forms with ease. He even trashes talks Titans mid-battle. Levi makes it very clear that he is not the kind of man who makes threats but promises. 

Despite this, Levi is not one to express arrogance. When the public showed the admiration and praise, he was more annoyed than prideful. Levi’s character good smile captain levichallenges the notion of perfection. Before the Titan fallout, Levi was already a strong adversary. He embodies the positive traits of several characters. He has Eren’s passion and love for humanity. Mikasa’s skills and decisiveness. Armin’s wisdom and pragmatism, and Jean’s compassion and ability to see the big picture.  Leviis the very best of his people; Humanity’s Strongest. But despite his might and experience, he's still flawed. 

Time and time again, he makes the wrong call. Fails to save his friends and regrets his choices. Gets hurt or sidelined. Sometimes he isn’t there when his allies need him most. Wiping out Titans or being faster does not erase his mistakes. Sometimes the best is not enough. The reason Levi is such a fascinating character is that what he brings to this grim series is hope. Actual, tangible hope. Not the promise of hope like Eren. When Levi shows up, there's an immediate feeling of safety because he is so much of a badass. Levi can turn even the worst possible situation into a potential victory. 

In a series like Attack on Titan, the moral of the story is to never lose hope. This keeps him human. If Levi were completely perfect, there would be no struggle, after all! Levi is an absolute beast.

His fight scenes are treasurable. Definitely the best character in the series. You'll root for him the same.

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